The Milton Home Mission

The Milton Home seeks to preserve the dignity of its residents and provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment in assisted living. Our community also provides short term nursing and rehab which means if our resident is hospitalized, they return home for rehab and are not forced to go to a community with which they are not familiar, nor does that community know our loved one. We do. Sometimes a high level of care is required as we age in place. If you our your loved needs to cross that bridge, as a resident of The Milton Home, they will simply “move down the hall” to long term care. Same friends, same staff, same food, same fun, same home.

From our humble beginnings to today, these core principles have not changed. The Milton Home serves as a foundation for the next step in life and continues to make a profound impact on its residents and the community. We will never stop improving the level of service we provide to your loved one.

Our History

It was on a vacation trip to California in the mid 1920’s that Robert P. & Clara I. Milton discovered the concept of a community where seniors could spend their retired years in a pleasant and supportive environment in the care of compassionate professionals. They were inspired to start a similar community in South Bend, Indiana.  Their vision, generous donation, and devoted idealism eventually made their dream a reality. On September 14, 1951, The Milton Home, located at 206 E Marion Street, opened its doors as one of the finest of retirement centers in the state.

The Milton Home seeks to maintain its core values, but changes in customs, trends, and technology have not been ignored. As an aging population has grown, so has the need for different levels of care. In 1975 a nursing home was added and in 2005 the facility became Medicare certified, offering skilled nursing services along with rehabilitation therapy.

Over 60 years later, The Milton Home still embodies its creators’ original vision of quality, comfort, and stability. While things have changed in South Bend, The Milton Home remains the symbol of old time values; representing a part of history and the cultural heritage of the area.

We know the Miltons would be proud to see their dream has stood the test of time.  Feel free to contact us and see for yourself.